Beth Theriot is Program Director of NVMI and Head of School, Academics at MAB. Beth holds an AMS Early Childhood certificate. She has been a Lead Teacher in Montessori classrooms since 1981 and is an experienced workshop facilitator. Beth holds a B.A. in Psychology from Loyola University and M.A. in Special Studies from George Washington University.

Chandra Fernando was the 2012 AMS Living Legacy and has been a classroom teacher for over 45 years. She served as the program director for the Maryland Center for Montessori Studies, site director for Northeast Montessori Insitute in VA and and co-founder/ co-director for NVMI. She is also an international lecturer and serves as a field supervisor for several teacher education programs. Ms. Fernando received her AMI primary Credential from the Good Shepard AMI training Center in Colombo, Sri Lanka and an elementary credential from London Montessori International. Chandra holds a B.A. in Early Childhood education in Piagetian Studies. She has done graduate work at Antioch University, Loyola College and Oxford University. Ms. Fernando is the instructor for Montessori philosophy and peace education and serves as the NVMI program/curriculum consultant.

Bart Theriot is Chief Financial Officer of NVMI and Head of School at the Montessori Academy at Belmont Greene. He participated in the Montessori Administrator training at CMTE/NY. He holds a B.S. in Finance from Auburn University and received his AMS early childhood credential from NVMI in 2009 and is the instructor for the Administration class. Bart is highly involved in charity coordination, working to benefit children all over the world -particularly in West Africa.

Jill Theriot is the interim program-director for NVMI. She has been a Montessori classroom teacher since 2000 and is the Assistant Head of School at the Montessori Academy at Belmont Greene. She received her AMI primary credential from the St. Louis Montessori Institute and holds a B.A. in Sociology from SUNY Albany. She serves as instructor for our Sensorial curriculum and is a field consultant.

Nancy Read-Smith lectures in classroom leadership at NVMI. She holds a B.A. in psychology from Edgecliff College and an M.A. in Montessori Education from Xavier University. Nancy has been a classroom teacher and a head of school for several AMS teacher and child education programs.

Eliana Jaoude is the math instructor for NVMI. She holds a B.A from the University of Lebanon and received her AMS Early Childhood Certification in 2009. Eliana has 8 years of classroom experience.

Rachel Kipperman has a strong foundation in Language and Learning Differences. She has completed Orton Gillingham and Multi-sensory Language therapy training and has experience teaching children with learning differences at the June Shelton School in Dallas, Texas. Rachel has been a classroom teacher for over 11 years and is an experienced workshop leader and lecturer. She holds an AMS Early Childhood Certificate and a Masters in Education from Goucher College in Baltimore. She teaches in Arlington County Public Schools. Rachel has served as a faculty member of Northeast Institute additional site in VA.

Kathleen McCauley has a B.S. degree in English Education and German and has M. A. Degrees in both Human development and Social Work. Kathleen is a lecturer in Child Development at Marymount University and is the President and primary trainer at the KEY Concepts and Training in Arlington, VA. For the past 6 years, Kathleen has been the instructor for child development at the Northeast Institute additional site in VA.